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On this web site you'll find photographs taken as I visit different areas of the United Kingdom when on holiday or away with our Steam Traction Engine Victoria Empress of India. The photographs are by no means professional images, but hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them.

Thanks for looking,
Wendy Wakelin

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Polesden Lacey

With a week off and nothing really planned we decided to go and take alook at Polesden Lacey Near Dorking, Surrey.

I love going to National Trust houses and gardens and this was another one to tick off the list. The weathr was awful but we did have a look around the gardens and then into the house which was lovely

Here are a few pictures of the garden...

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Kingston Lacey

I have just found these hiding at the back of this Steam and Contry Cam website so I thought I would up load them. We visitedd here back at Easter time but it was a fab day with some lovely thoughts. My Dad worked here many times moving the furntiure and paintings etc so it was nice to go and have a look round.

There are no captions for the picture but I hope you will just enjoy them..

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Lulworth Cove

We spent a lovely morning at Lulworth Cove over the Easter weekend. Although it seemed quite busy we did have a great time on the beach, sadly the weather was a little over cast as you will see from my pictures but just as we were leaving the beach the sun did come through the clould. A great way to spend some time in the fresh air... Hope you enjoy the pictures

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In the Garden

Out in the garden at the weekend doing jobs and thought I would take a few pictures of the daffodils in the lovely sunny spring sunshine.... Happy days

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A walk with Jess

Its been a few months since I have added any pictures to my website, I have been otherwise engaged in other things.
All the pictures in this collection were taken with my camera phone so not the best quilaty but worth sharing I think!

 This morning we have had a lovely walk, me and Jess my dog taking in all the colours and the change in the countryside around us with spring here and the summer months upon us. I am hoping to get back out and about with my real camera very soon and adding pictures more regularly again so please do keep coming back and checking to make sure I am, if not them drop me a comment or email to remind me, that will keep me on my toes!!

Anywhere heres to the summer ahead and more camera time...


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Threlkeld Quarry

We decided to visit Therlkeld Quarry while in The Lakes, this is our youngest (14) sons favourite place and he couldn't wait to go there. It was a lovely sunny morning and the place didn't disappoint. With plenty to see and to keep the children happy. With a trip on the steam loco "Sir Tom", panning for gold, a trip down the mine and a read of all the information in the musuem it keep us busy. Our favourite bit though is all the excavators which you can look round, this is home to The Vintage Excavator Trust and there are many here of all different shapes and sizes.

A great day out for a small cost, we cannot praise this musuem enough, they have a website to, please go and take a look and if in your in the area make sure you visit but please don't waer your best clothes and shoes!!!

10 out of 10 for this place...